Know the Health Benefits of Humidifiers

Staying in an air-conditioned room when the weather is hot is very pleasant. But without realizing it, dry air released by the AC actually gives a bad effect on the body. Although the air climate in the tropics has high humidity, but the use of air conditioning in the room can make air dry. Learn more about the health benefits of a humidifier below. Humidifier is an air humidifier that works by spraying water vapor into the air. This moisture will increase the humidity so that it is in the ideal range. In addition to regulating air humidity, a humidifier is also useful to overcome the irritation caused by dry air, such as dry skin, chapped lips, colds, to sore throats. However, excessive use of a humidifier can also worsen respiratory problems. Understand the Benefits of Humidifiers Here are some of the benefits that you can get from using a humidifier, including: Prevents sore throat Sore throat can occur when the humidity level in the room is very low. Humidifiers can all
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